Make Your Own Sriracha

Sriracha hot sauce has long been a staple in American food culture and as of late it has only gotten bigger. When we use the term “Sriracha” we refer to the Sriracha sauce made by Huy Fong Foods in California, however “Sriracha” is the name of a type of hot sauce made from a paste of chili peppers, vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt and traces its origins to a costal city of Si Racha, in Chonburi Province of eastern Thailand.

Knowing the love affair foodies have with Sriracha, Vice’s Munchies made a How-to video on making your own Sriracha. Lisa Murphy of Sosu Sauces shows you the basic components and technique to make it yourself. This sauce isn’t your typical mix of a few spices and boom you’re done. This sauce will take time, but creating and refining your own hot sauce is pretty cool. Sriracha sauce from Huy Fong Foods isn’t expensive, but making your own sauce will save you a few bucks and will make a nice gift for the holidays.

Source: Vice

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