Great Views at Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building


In a short trip to Tokyo, I got hooked and Tokyo has become of my favorite cities in the world. The ease of travel, the abundant quality food, the sights, they’re all insane. The gag shit that you’ll find like the Robot show and the Golden Gai I’m ok without.

One must for me in any city is a proper view of the skyline. Tokyo’s skyline is beautiful and one of the best places to see it is at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. It’s free, it’s 360 degrees, there’s multiple viewing points, and it’s fast to get up there. How many cities can boast of this? New York asks you pay out the ass for views of the city at Top of the Rock and the Empire State Building.


Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building is located in Shinjuku near the Tochōmae Station and a short walk to the craziness that’s the Golden Gai. I had about 30-40 minutes to kill before meeting up with a friend and made my way there via the subway. The views were great, and it was a fast trip up to the top of the building.


Also, in both viewing points, north and south there’s food and trinkets to buy.

Source: Trip Advisor

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