Road Snacks on the Bullet Train (Japan)

A time-honored tradition when riding the Bullet Train is to bring food for the journey. When I found my train, I noticed everyone was either holding their purchased lunch or buying lunch. This trip is all about the local experience, so I made my way to a store and picked up food.

I wasn’t in the mood for a bento, so I ordered a katsu sandwich. The bento in Japan let me say that they’re beautiful. There’s so much care and detail in every bento, it literally looks to pretty to eat. We’re talking most bento have probably 10 different things. Forget fucking meat and potatoes.

I also got water, Pocari (Japanese’s version of Gatorade), and some Japanese whiskey, Yamazaki. A little fucking aggressive on a Friday, and not really the norm, but everyone else was boozing it up. I really didn’t have an opportunity too dabble in Japanese whiskey and given that the Japanese have been killing the game, I figured this was a good time. Like single serving wine bottles, whiskey too has a bottle of a similar size. They’re also pretty cheap at 1,000 yen, which serves up probably 4 healthy glasses neat.

When on the Bullet Train, get food, go overboard, your neighbor will do the same. Beer on a long trip isn’t for everyone, and definitely not for me or I’ll be peeing constantly. When I cracked open my whiskey bottle and started to knock it from top, people looked at me a bit funny, but I got a nod from one dude.

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