Tsukemen at Rokurinsha

If I spent a year in Tokyo and ate Ramen everyday, I don’t think I’d ever try all the varieties. There are just so many different types, then numerous nuances, creating tons of different combinations. One style I had to have is Tsukemen, which is cooked cold noodles that are dipped in a hot broth (Typically pork based). Usually the soup is similar to Tonkotsu, but the noodles can be much different. At Rokurinsha, they’re known for their Tsukemen and when I went to buy my JR ticket to Kyoto at Tokyo Station, I was able to stop in. If you don’t know exactly where this is located, it can be impossible to find. I had the location on Yelp and Trip Advisor, and it took me over an hour to find it.


When you find this place, you’ll recognize it for its long line and its hexagonal logo. When I say “Long line” I mean that there’s a line that literally stretches the entire store front. There WILL NOT be another restaurant like it in the station. As with most ramen shops, you pay via a vending machine and since this is in Tokyo station, you can use your Passmo/Train card. This is so quick and easy and this place is frequented by locals. Peak hours here are an hour before or after noon. There are typical ramen options (Noodles in broth), but get the Tsukemen. You just have to get it here as just a few other shops make it this good.


Before you get your food, the waiter/waitress will always ask if you want a bib, I usually opt for the bib. Some locals use it, some don’t, but it’s not a tourist only thing. The broth arrives in a separate bowl and is served hot. This mocha colored tonkotsu broth is thick and creamy. There’s a heavy hand of seafood and fish flavors, to go with the pork bone base. Also, in the broth are vegetables, like green onion, bamboo and others. That little mountain of dust is dry fish powder. With so much salty flavors, you’d think this is too much, but that’s where the noodles come in. These noodles are dense and are able to soak up and mute the flavors. I was surprised at the ease and speed I was able to eat this because it wasn’t overly salty or flavorful, but I would describe it as fishy creamy and light. This was one of the best bowl of noodles I’ve ever had.

Source: TripAdvisor

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