Beer Slushies at Kirin Ichiban’s Beer Garden in Tokyo


I know of Kirin Ichiban for their piss tasting draft beer. Ice cold piss at best. In Shibuya there is a Kirin Ichiban Beer Garden and living in Astoria, I have experience with Beer Gardens so I had to check this out.

At the Beer Garden they specialize in Frozen Beers which is weird. Like Serendipity’s Frozen Hot Chocolate, I didn’t get it on first glance. Before I get into the Frozen Beers, which resemble slushies, let me first start by their beer education program.


All customers that choose to come here are ushered into a cylindrical room where you’ll watch a short video on Kirin’s brewing process. Then you can taste 2 worts (Unfermented beer). This is fucking weird to say the least, but awesome for someone who brews and loves beer. This takes just a few minutes to finish and then your off to drink.


Once you get into the main area, you don’t start like most place at a hostess area, but a cashier. At this area, you have to order your first drinks and food, and like a cafeteria, you make your way to communal tables to consume them. They have some small bites, like french fries, fried chicken, and edamame. If you want more food or drinks, a waiter will come by, collect your money and bring your food. I’m not sure why, but the wait staff were so awkward, going up to groups suggesting food and constantly asking you to order, and then you pay immediately. Felt kinda like a strip club, but with great slushies.

There are 6+ drinks to choose from, from the standard piss draft beer, to dark, light, and frozen Beers. These frozen beers were news to me, so I ordered a grapefruit frozen beer and a stout frozen beer (They call it black).

With any food or drink, if you’re mixing flavors, usually one is going to taste weird. Just like eating right after you brushed your teeth. The grapefruit frozen beer tasted like your average shandy and was refreshing. The stout was awesome, it was dark, thick, and so robust with coffee and dark chocolate flavors, considering my original assumptions of Kirin. While these drinks were dubbed “Frozen,” they tasted more like slushies gone wrong. If you didn’t get in their from the beginning or you didn’t spoon the slush part, you’d end up with it at the bottom of the drink. Still, these drinks were adult slushies, fucking awesome. A straw with a spoon would have been nice.

Source: TripAdvisor

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