Tsukiji Fish Market: Must See, but Overrated


For all the hype about the Tsukiji Fish Market, it was a let down. Also, to preface, I did not wake up and go to the auction. I’ve seen my share of tuna and I could live without waking up at 3am, and waiting in line to possibly get to see it as just a few tourists are allowed in.

While the market and outer market were really cool to see, I would have been more than happy just roaming around and grabbing a few bites from various vendors. If you see locals or even market workers eating, follow them. Locals always know. When I did, I ate some delicious guts. A major to-do at the market is to wait in insane sushi restaurant lines at the market. There was a typhoon warning when I visited and there were still lines well over an hour at 9am. The most talked about restaurants are Sushi Dai, Daiwa Sushi, and Sushi Sei.


I waited for a less popular restaurant and ended up ordering various items. The food was good, very good. But it was also pretty damn expensive at close to 3,000 Yen – $25 USD. In an area where 711 serves fresh sushi and the fact that this is the mecca for sushi, I can’t imagine only restaurants in this area have superior fish. I get that eating here is part of the experience, but a ton of things are “for the experience” that you’d never do again.


Again, the food was good, but to wait in lines upwards of 2 hours starting at 6am. Get the fuck outta here. You know that quite a few restaurants get their fish from this market daily, right?! I spent about 3,000 Yen and for the same food it would probably be half the cost a mile away. I’d much rather spend that dough and much more on Sushi Yasuda, Jiro or other places.


And another thing, fresh fish is great, beyond great, but if it’s too fresh, it hardly has any taste. Yasuda who runs Sushi Yasuda is well-known for curing his fish in a medical grade freezer. Yes, frozen fish and he’s one of the top chefs in the game.

Source: Tsukiji Fish Market

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