#3FOR31: Day 1 – Flushing and Hand-Pulled Noodles


Day 1 of the #3for31 challenge went off without a hitch. Aside from the cold and the rain, it was great. The #3for31 challenge was created by Robin Arzon who is a street athlete, fitness instructor, and all-around bad ass. My running buddies and I are officially in the running/racing off-season, but December isn’t a month to take off. So I’m doing the challenge, at least I hope some of us are…

What is #3for31? Every day. 3 miles. 31 days. Errday, non-stop, no breaks. Easy enough. Not going to lie, I have the luxury of not working and being able to run whenever the fuck I want. But I’ll start to do all my runs outside of 8am to 6pm to be fair with the boys.


I started running this morning at 11am and decided to run from Astoria to Flushing. Close to 6 miles each way. The weather was shit, rain, mud, and slippery, not the best day to be out. But the point of the challenge is repetition, and getting outside.

With the bad weather, it’s tough to work on your speed, so this was basically a tempo run, and a transportation alternative. The run for the most part was slow because of the weather, but this is a new route and one that required directions. It’s surprising easy to get lost between Astoria and Flushing. The route from Astoria to Flushing meant visits to LaGuardia Airport, Citi Field – the New York Mets stadium, Flushing Meadows Corona Park, and Flushing. Fall is the most beautiful season in New York and it’s trying to stay here with the winter weather coming in.

In terms of gear, I’m coming to grips with the fact that I’ll either need to buy more or do laundry more often. In the winter, I’m wearing pants, long sleeve shirts, jackets, hats, and gloves, but they get fucking gross after one run, imagine 31 straight! First world problems.


With all my runs or workouts, what I look forward to most about them is the food after. The hard work means you get to spoil yourself on whatever you like. Since I was making my way to Flushing that meant an obligatory visit to the Golden Shopping Mall’s food court. I’ve only scratched the surface on trying all the vendors there. My favorites are Lanzhou and a few other dumpling spots. I went to Li’s Lanzhou Hand Stretched Noodles which are so good. The noodles have a springy, chewy texture and don’t wilt in the broth. The broth is the star, it’s rich, savory, and aromatic from the herbs and beef bones/marrow. At $6 this is one of best deals in all of New York. Beef Noodle Soup is definitely one of those Death Row meals for me.

Day 1 is over and a success. My guess is that this challenge will be a bitch, annoying, and I’ll just forget days to run and get lazy. At least I didn’t fuck up the first day. Day 2 coming up.