Tourist Trap: Bamboo Grove in Kyoto


When researching Kyoto, there’s always a picture of a bamboo grove or forest (Selfies in a bamboo forest), and it looks like the setting of a movie. For the most part it is, and it’s a huge let down. I’m really have no clue why it’s there, I was expecting a “Forest” and ended up getting a block of bamboos trees. It reminded me of the Times Square of bamboo attractions. Nothing like the “Bamboo Forest” in Maui.

To get to the “bamboo block” you’ll need to travel to the Arashiyama area which is about 30 minutes from Kyoto station. When you’re in a new country and city, it’s really hard to decide what is a “must-do” and what’s unimportant. For me this is a dilemma with food specifically, but unless you’re living there, take advantage of everything. I find myself eating double the meals and constantly full, but for sightseeing the travel time can screw you. This bamboo place screwed me…


I decided on making the journey to Arashiyama on a weekday when the crowds would be minimal and I’m glad I got a good (Decent) picture of the forest, but that’s all it’s good for, a singular picture. The forest stretches what seems like 2-3 NYC street blocks. With such a lush forest in the area and right near the water, the bamboo area feels out-of-place, an attraction park. And it is. If you’re short on time, don’t bother. But people have done much more for a good picture.

The Arashiyama area is actually very beautiful if you forget about the bamboo attraction. The area is cut by the Katsura River and is a great area for biking or hiking. There’s a temple deep in the forest and I didn’t make it there, but it has an amazing view.

Source: Inside Kyoto

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