Bullit Newgate Space Age 1960s Alarm Clock


At DG, we love clocks, watches, and anything that tells time. We use our phones as alarm clocks, but we also have an actual clock. Clocks are great to have for a variety of reasons, they look good on your nightstand/mantel, they tell time, and they keep you away from your phone. Newgate makes some of our favorite clocks, and the latest one we’re liking is the Bullit Retro 1960s Space Age Alarm Clock on Atom Retro.


The 1960s was a great time for fashion, hell Mad Men was set in the 60s. The sharp suits, the space age designs, it was weird, and dare I say funky. It was a cool time.

The Bullit clock has an ellipse shape which contrasts against a traditional numerical dial. This futuristic acrylic casing has two legs to keep the clock positioned flat. The alarm function is visible in the fourth hand on the dial. This is an awesome gift or just a cool clock to have in your space. If you’ve ever had any love for the 60s, bourbon, suits, or like Mad Men, then you can’t go wrong with this timepiece. This clock is available at Atom Retro in black or red at costs under $60.

Source: Atom Retro

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