Discounts on Uniqlo Winter Jackets


It’s winter, it’s cold and when can’t you use another jacket. When I first came to NYC from California I binge shopped on wool peacoats. That was a great idea and they worked with business attire, but during the harsh winter months with freezing rain, sleet, snow, and wind they didn’t do well. An extreme winter coat isn’t mostly made of wool or cashmere, and needs at a minimum some sort of waterproofing.


Right now at Uniqlo there is a weekly promotion on coats, and two coats caught our eye. The Warm Tech Down Coat ($129.90 regularly $149.90), and the Down Jacket ($79.90 regularly $129.90). These coats look great, are on sale, and suitable for all-weather conditions. Coats with down or Heattech are going to be light, lighter than wool peacoats and they fight more extreme weather conditions. These coats are a great alternative to Canada Goose as they’re not Arctic warm, a fraction of the cost, and provide enough warmth for most east coast winter weather conditions.

Both coats are on sale this week and come in a variety of colors. Don’t settle for black, get something a bit more adventurous like orange, dark green, or red. Just like any other piece of clothing, it’s good to have color options. If you’re the dude that rocks one winter coat every year, that’s not cool. Sorry.

Source: Uniqlo

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