Lyle & Scott: Jumper Game on Point


Jumpers or sweaters is the focal point of fashion this winter. T-shirts and button ups were the main piece of clothing in the summer and even the fall, but because of the weather, sweaters are in. Everyone needs a coat, but that sweater is going to be the most worn item this season.


It’s important your sweater game is on point and that means you update your gear or your crack open the box of “Winter clothing”. If you’re in need of a refresh, we typically turn to Uniqlo and Topman, but for that extra special sweater, Lyle & Scott has us covered. Lyle & Scott is a Scottish knitwear brand that is over 100 years old. They know quality, and style.


The designs at Lyle & Scott we’re currently liking are merino wool roll neck, lambswool cable knit, stripes, and a crew sweater. These designs are solid, and their sweaters are incredibly well made.


Atom Retro and the Lyle & Scott site is where we’re buying these sweaters. Atom Retro has a few more designs than the brand’s site, and are a bit cheaper. If you’ve ever owned a cheap sweater, you know you’re only going to get one season if you’re lucky. These sweaters are built to last.

Source: Atom Retro

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