Atlantic Farms Hops Lip Balm


Hops are an essential ingredient to your after work brew. They give beer flavoring and aroma. Hops are also a female flower. When your lips get chapped it’s tough to choose options that range from glittery to melon or strawberry flavored. Atlantic Farms has developed all natural organic hops lip balm. Your lips will smell like a flower…but a man’s flower! The process starts by steeping citrusy and strong varieties of hops, like Chinook and Cascade, in virgin olive oil to get the resinous quality. After a blending of oils, beeswax and enriching with vitamin E, the lip balm is finished with ground-dried hops to give texture and the hoppy finish. Choices range from Mint to unmistakable Double IPA.

Price: $6.50
Source: Atlantic Farms