Janine Giorgenti Custom Shirts


Bespoke clothing is the only way to suit up and look your best. Some people fit perfectly in store-bought, off the rack attire, while others need a bit of tailoring. You’ll also notice tailored clothing runs a fortune. Janine Giorgenti in New York is an online custom clothing designer with an emphasis on style, price, and satisfaction (100% money back guarantee). All shirts have single-needle seams, collars, cuffs, and fronts that are top-stitched with over 20 stitches per inch. These affordable shirts start at $49 and there are hundreds of styles, colors and fabrics meeting all occasions. To purchase these shirts there are five quick steps and up to five minutes of inputting your measurements.

Quick tip, while monogramming may seem cool, don’t do it, you know your initials.

Price: $49+
Source: Janine Giorgenti