Tie Society


We have all been victims of overly abusing a skinny black tie because that’s all we have. We also can’t buy tons of ties to match a suit or shirt becausethat gets expensive. A pink shirt and blue shirt deserve better, and need more diversity than a black tie. Tie Society is the mastermind behind a monthly accessory club (ties, tie bars, bowties, cufflinks, and pocket squares). With tons of ties to pick, you simply choose the ones you want and they’re delivered  to your doorstep in a few days. Wear the ties as long as you like and exchange them for others. The amount of accessories you can get each month is determined by the kind of membership plan you sign up for (1 – 10 item plans). With brands from Hermes to Armani, you have the freedom to match ties and accessories with an outfit for one or more uses.

Price: $10.95 – $49.95 (1-10 item membership plans)
Source: Tie Society