Happy Socks Summer Sale


Summer’s on its way, and you know what that means: winter clearance! Happy Socks, makers of some wild patterned socks, has an insane summer sale going on right now. From now until June 23, Happy Socks is offering three promotions:

  • Buy 2, Get 3
  • Buy 5, Get 8 + Free Shipping
  • Buy 8, Get 16 + Free Shipping

How much savings does that translate to. According to Happy Socks:

If you put 3 pairs in your cart, you get an automatic discount of 12$. If you put 8 pairs you get an automatic discount of 36$. If you put 16 pairs in your cart you get an automatic discount of 96$. If you put 17 or more pairs you get 50% discount on the total amount.

Get’em while the good socks are still around.

BUY Here

(Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement and Dapper Guide is not affiliated with Happy Socks in any capacity. We simply believe this is a great deal that’s worth sharing.)