Superfront IKEA Furniture Parts


Everyone loves IKEA because it’s affordable. But visit your friends’ homes and you’ll probably see, more or less, the same kinds of furniture; usually either a BESTA or a LACK table or the common EXPEDIT bookshelf. DIY sites like IKEA Hackers have shown people how to modify products into Frankenstein setups, but most of them are a miss in our humble opinion.

Superfront sells fronts, handles, legs, tops and sides replacements for common IKEA cabinets such as the BESTA. Think of them as furniture transplants that make boring IKEA products look more premium. All parts are made in Sweden, and sadly, only ship to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, U.K., Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Hopefully, they’ll start shipping to the U.S. soon. It sounds silly to pay more for a better-designed panel for an IKEA unit, but hey, it’s either this or ponying up thousands of dollars for real modern furniture.

Source: Superfront