Sharp AQUOS Ultra HD LED TV (70-inch)


TVs with 4K resolution — 3,840 x 2,160 resolution — also known as “UHD” or “Ultra HDTVs” are expected to change living rooms in the same way regular HD did, so many moons ago. Although most 4K TVs are still relatively expensive, Sharp’s 70-inch AQUOS Ultra HD LED TV is the world’s first and only (so far) THX 4K-certified Ultra HDTV and will cost only a fraction of what others in the same size cost. Sharp also touts the 70-inch TV takes up the same footprint as common 65-inch TV sets, which is quite impressive.

Included on the set is a proprietary “DuoBass dual subwoofer system that cranks out 35 watts,” four HDMI ports, two USB ports, an SD card slot, two Bluetooth 3D glasses and upscaling software that should magically transform that 1080p content into 4K resolution. When can you get this bad boy? Sharp’s 4K AQUOS Ultra HD LED TV ships mid-August. Start saving those pennies.

Price: $7,999.99
Source: Sharp