Artist: Issa Ibrahim

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After seeing his art for years, we finally decided to dive in the talented Issa Ibrahim’s life. Born in 1965 in New York to an artistic mother and father pair (painter and jazz musician, respectively), the arts were in Ibrahim’s blood.From an early age he was discovered to have a talent for rendering. In his early twenties he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and at 24 in a bout of paranoia and fear, took his mother’s life. For the past 20  years he was in a mental institution and was only recently released. His work has been featured in museums and on TV and last year he was an exhibitor at New York Comic Con. Ibrahim’s work features superheroes out of their element in a comical way. Superman on the Rocks (above) is a hilarious imagination of the most celebrated superhero seemingly retired or depressed. Prints of his work are available on his website.

Price: $30
Source: Issa Ibrahim