Hanksy: Stark and Recreation


If you’ve spent any amount of time walking through lower New York City’s, chances are you’ve seen Hanksy’s work. Be it on the side of a building, on a corner wall or wherever, Hanksy’s street work has spawned a cult interest. In an interview with The Awl last year, the “street fartist” said his works “take iconic images from the UK street artist Banksy and mash it up with a reference from Academy Award winning actor, Tom Hanks.” With two sold-out exhibitions under his belt, Hansky’s branched out to greener grass that doesn’t involve Tom Hanks.

For instance, here’s a piece with Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man we spotted in Manhattan’s Little Italy. Clearly, his work is generating more foot traffic to the old Italian restaurants clustered in Little Italy. Browsing through Hanksy’s Instagram, it’s obvious he’s got a knack for mashing Will Ferrell with a cat and Breaking Bad’s Walter White with an eagle.

Whether Banksy approves or not, we’ll probably never know, but damn it, Hanksy’s comical “works” sure do bring out the chuckles.

Source: Hanksy

(Image credit: Raymond Wong/Dapper Guide)