Seiko Astron GPS Solar Watch


Unless you’re wearing a smartwatch, every watch will need to be adjusted when you travel to a different time zone. Seiko’s solved that inconvenience with the Astron GPS Solar, a watch that adjusts to all 39 time zones on Earth with the push of a button. If the name sounds familiar, you’re not going crazy. The new Astron is named after the 1969 Seiko Astron, the world’s first quartz watch.

How does it work? Inside of the Astron is a tiny, but highly efficient, GPS module that can receive signals from four GPS satellites orbiting the Earth. Once the Astron detects light via its solar sensor, it’ll adjust the time accordingly based on the coordinates it logs — all within 30 seconds.

There are three different Astron models to pick from:

  • Lineup 1: high-intensity titanium models
  • Lineup 2: stainless steel models
  • Lineup 3: Kintaro Hattori Special Limited Edition

Adding to the durability of the Astron is a glass face made from sapphire crystal with Seiko’s proprietary anti-reflective “Super-Clear Coating,” water resistance up to 100 meters and a magnetic resistance of 4,000 A/m.

It all sounds quite impressive already, but then Seiko tells you the Astron has an automatic calendar that’ll correct itself until February 28, 2100. By then, we’ll all be dust particles, and our great grand kids will own this timepiece. It’s no Rolex or Tissot, but it’s chock full of advanced technology that’ll make any pilot or geek wet his pants.

Price: ~$2,700
Source: Seiko

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