Nude Beach Summer Wheat


When you walk into a beer or liquor store and aren’t sure what to get, conventional wisdom says ask the owner. However, sometimes we go with the best names and labels. Naturally Nude Beach stood out to us and we were anticipating an average  drinkable wheat beer, but we were pleasantly surprised with a tasty beer perfect to cool us down in the heat. Stevens Point Brewery in Wisconsin has been brewing since 1857 and has 10 year-round beers as well as seasonal ones. The Nude Beach Summer Wheat in their seasonal series is made with American 2-row, 6-row, Crystal, Vienna, Red Wheat, and White Raw Wheat. The flavoring and aroma comes from Mt. Hood hops and the beer is 5% ABV. This beer also took home the gold medal at the 2013 U.S. Open Beer.

Appearance – Pours a hazy, bright pale yellow color with a thin head

Aroma – Citrus, wheaty, and a bit earthy

Taste – Pale malts, crisp lemon zest and wheat flavors

Overall – Solid summer beer with balanced flavor and great color

Source: Stevens Point Brewery