Google Chromecast


Still trying to figure out how to stream online video from your smartphone, tablet or computer over to the HDTV? Apparently, the myriad of devices from Roku, Apple TV to PLAiR aren’t enough. Google’s own solution to the problem is Chromecast, another HDMI-type dongle that works very much like, well, PLAiR via an Android or iOS app or a Chrome extension called Google Cast. Beaming 1080-quality online video is as easy as click the Google Cast icon, which mirrors a Chrome tab/window to the TV. The Chrome extension even lets you beam videos and movies that you already have from your computer by just dragging it into a new tab/window. Additionally, music can also be streamed via a tab directly to your TV, if you’re into that sort of thing.

At $35, the Chromecast is a quick and very inexpensive way to send video to the TV. Since it’s announcement last week, Chromecast remains sold-out on the Google Play Store, Amazon and Best Buy. Be patient, and Google will stock them up again, soon. (Just don’t buy one from eBay at inflated prices. It isn’t worth it.)

Price: $35
Source: Google