Nintendo 3DS XL (Black)


Non-believers will continue to say Nintendo is doomed because its newest console, the Wii U, is having a hard time getting into homes for various reason. Those guys don’t get it. Nintendo’s portable gaming business continues to be its bread and butter. While the 3DS XL has been out for a year now in North America, Nintendo has held out on releasing an all-black version of the dual-screened handheld until now. Well, technically, the launch data is August 11, which is just in time for the highly-anticipated Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

For a quick refresher, the 3DS XL features a 4.88-inch glasses-free 3D screen (top) and 4.18-inch touchscreen (bottom). The larger device includes a bigger battery that provides up to 6.5-hours while playing 3DS games with 3D turned on and up to 8 hours running old DS cartridges. With an enormous library of games that span genres from RPG to puzzle to platformers, the 3DS is portable gaming at its finest thanks to solid buttons that finally include a decent CirclePad analog.

Price: $200
Source: Nintendo