Guineu Double IPA


Spanish craft beer is alive and kicking. Guineu from Barcelona, Spain at first glance is a beer producer, but they also double as a homebrewing online store. This is news to us as we were not aware of the craft brew explosion in Spain. We got our hands on one of the rarer beers in the Guineu line, IPA2 or the Double IPA. This IPA tastes of an American pale ale grain bill with a heavy hand of many different types of hops during the boiling process and dry hopped during fermentation. From the bottles description so of the hops used are: Amarillo, Chinook, and Citra.

Appearance – Amber, light head, and good clarity (the beer was cold and condensation made the beer appear murkier than it is)

Aroma – Butter, grass, nut, walnut, and honey

Taste – Citrus bitterness, balanced full body flavors, Amarillo hop flavors, and a hint of apricot

Overall – 9/10 balanced beer with refined flavors and aroma. Easy drinking, but packs a strong bitter and flavorful punch.

Source: Ca l’Arenys – Guineu Brewery

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