BUILD Modular Furniture


Building furniture can be difficult for some, even with detailed instructions and only one tool. With that said, BUILD Modular Furniture’s BUILD was designed to be modular.  BUILD takes seconds to put together and change arrangement. Buy three or 100 BUILDs and make any designs you can imagine. BUILDs are made from ARPRO (expanded polypropylene), a high performance plastic foam which contains 95% air. This toxic and emission free, allergy friendly furniture is safe enough to eat. The one issue we have for this edible and easy to use furniture is that BUILD Modular Furniture still needs to raise $50,000 more money on IndieGogo to start production. We’re excited about this furniture solution, and we’re hoping  this campaign hits its goal. Show your support and pre-order your BUILD.

Price: $119 (3 units)
Source: Hello Build, indiegogo