Sony HT-ST7 Soundbar


Soundbars are a dime a dozen. Every electronics company has one, and touts them as the best. But as any audio enthusiast will tell you, great sound always comes at a high price. Sony’s new HT-ST7 Soundbar redefines 7.1 surround sound with seven amplifiers and nine speakers jammed into one bar. Sony claims the HT-ST7 uses its “innovated S-Force Front Surround” tech to fill a room with “true” 7.1 surround sound.

It has three HDMI ports, Bluetooth and NFC for easy wireless pairing and streaming. A wireless subwoofer also lets you get away with a clean living room set-up. The HT-ST7 is perfect for a 46-inch or larger HDTV and has a detachable grill. Not your typical soundbar, indeed.

Price: $1,299
Source: Sony