Samsung KN55S9C 55-inch Curved OLED HDTV

Samsung 55-inch-KN55S9C-Curved-OLED-HDTV

After looking at a curved OLED HDTV, it’s impossible to go back to flats. At $8,999.99, Samsung’s KN55S9C is far more affordable than LG’s $13,500 EA9800 curved OLED TV, and better looking in our opinion. The gentle curve and included “Timeless Arena” frame makes the display pull you in ever so slightly, which is better than any 3D experience. With the deepest blacks, sharp contrast a slew of Samsung innovations including the Smart Hub, S-Recommendation and Smart Evolution Kit, the KN55S9C is a home run, if you can afford one.

The coolest feature on the KN55S9C is probably its “Multi-View” mode, which lets two viewers wear 3D glasses and watch completely different videos simultaneously. Unlike other TVs and displays that have included the feature (PlayStation Display comes to mind), there is absolutely no ghosting.

The KN55S9C isn’t a 4K resolution UHD TV, but 1080p still looks great at 55-inches. Samsung’s now shipping the curved OLED TV across the U.S. to specialty stores.

Price: $8,999.99
Source: Samsung