Document Holder by Longchamp


The murse is no longer the ugly stepchild of men’s bags, but the slow and growing trend. Men’s accessories sales have gone up considerably in the past few years and we’re seeing a strong focus on bags. The tote or murse has always been an enigma. Do we like it? Should we like it? Frankly, the tote looks good and is very useful.

Women have long obsessed over Longchamp and now it’s our turn. The Document Holder by Longchamp is a stylish tote for holding important documents or your computer. Due to the tall and slender nature of the bag, the shoulder strap may be less relevant, however this bag can be used for a number of occasions. If you’re wondering how you can utilize a murse, remember it’s virtually a taller briefcase.

Price: TBD
Source: Longchamp

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