Hipster Ale by Evil Twin Brewing Review


Evil Twin Brewing is having a great year with numerous beers in their repertoire. The challenge of finding Evil Twin beers warrants a purchase whenever you see it. We’ve had our hands on some of their other beers, and we had to give the Hipster Ale a try. We’d rather see this in a hipster’s hands than a PBR.

  • Appearance – Pours a glowing amber-orange, with two-three fingers of bubbling head
  • Aroma – Floral and perfume like with an American hops aroma (Not IPA/grassy/earthy)
  • Taste – Medium-bodied with a light citrus, yet bitter taste
  • Overall – 6.5/10 This is tasty with a solid flavor and aromatic profile, however, we’re not impressed with any particular flavor

(Image credit: Bruce Leong/Dapper Guide)