PlayStation TV


Despite record-shattering crowdfunding, the Ouya has failed to live up to its expectations as a quality microconsole worth the $100. Sony’s PlayStation TV (PS Vita TV in Japan) could potentially be even bigger, though.

The newly unveiled $100 microconsole is essentially a PS Vita without a screen. It can play over 1,300 games — PS Vita, PSP and PS1 — and will be capable of streaming video through popular apps such as Netflix and Amazon Video on Demand. It’s like an Apple TV that plays games — PlayStation games.

The tiny microconsole is powered by a quad-core processor, 1GB memory card and connects to any TV via HDMI. Internet connectivity works either via Wi-Fi or the Ethernet port.

Games are played with a DualShock 3 controller. However, not all PS Vita games are supported; any game that requires the PS Vita’s touchscreen controls won’t work. According to Sony, the PlayStation may even stream PS3 and PS4 games from the cloud one day.

Asia-only for now, the PlayStation TV has the potential to revive the struggling PS Vita handheld and lower the price barrier to the PlayStation experience. Available October 14 in North America.

Price: $99 (PlayStation TV only), $139 (PlayStation TV with DualShock 3 controller)
Source: PlayStation Japan