Style 101: How Suits Should Fit Guide

Buying a suit is one of those things that every guy dreads. Unless you’ve got your own personal tailor, getting store-bought suits to fit right is a chore. Worse, most guys don’t realize that there’s a certain way a suit should look, from the length of its sleeves to the straightness of its shoulder divots, a proper fitting is all it takes to look like a million bucks.

Real Men Real Style put together a handy infographic on how every part of a suit should fit. Learn when a suit is too small, too big and just right. When you’re done with that you can also take a look at our previous Style 101 guides on “How Clothes Should Fit” and “Types of Shirt Collars.

Source: Real Men Real Style


Have eight minutes to spare? You can also watch Real Men Real Style’s in-depth instructional video on how suits should fit. (Or bookmark it for the weekend.)