Sometimes those Instagram photos deserve a place on your walls. Thankfully making your own wall art is incredibly easy and inexpensive. The hard costs to make your own framed photograph is around $15-$20 depending on the size of the print and frame cost. Street art, food, skyline are all worthy subjects. We have covered ready to go wall treatments, but with a bit of effort and time, your wall art can be uniquely your own.

Step 1 – Take a picture (Of anything you deem worthy)
Step 2 – Go to a camera store and print it out (11x14s are easy to print and buy frames for)
Step 3 – Buy a frame
Step 4 – Put the photo in the frame
Step 5 – Hang on your wall

Time: 1-2 Days
Level of effort: Minimal




(Image credits: Bruce Leong/Dapper Guide)

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