NOMADer Wit by Evil Twin Brewing Review


Evil Twin Brewing is on a tear and we find it hard love any one beer, because they’re producing so many different ones. This is one tiny issue we have with the craft brewing boom, there are so many styles a brewery can choose from that they can lose their identity in chasing the next unique beer. Evil Twin is in a fortunate spot as a Gypsy brewer in which they’re able to change form and style as they’re like roaming nomad brewers (Hence the name of one of their beers). The NOMADer Wit is another example of how they’re switching up their style. This wit beer is brewed with brettanomyces yeast and spices for flavoring.

  • Appearance – Dark orange, thick and cloudy
  • Aroma – Citrus, yet floral and slightly wild and hard to pinpoint distinct aromas
  • Taste – Medium body, wheat beer in style with a citrus saison sweetness
  • Overall – 7/10 Wild yet subtle flavor spanning from wheat to citrus with a touch of grassy hop notes. Carbonation is on point. Easy drinking.

Source: Evil Twin Brewing


(Image credit: Bruce Leong/Dapper Guide)