ING New York City Marathon


We’re New Yorkers and have long admired those willing to put their body through a torturous 26.2 miles. The 2013 ING New York City Marathon took place on Sunday, November 3. In 2012, the event was cancelled due to the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and the intensity and celebration of this years event was much more than ever.

On a recent trip to Greece we visited Athens and was brought to the spot where the “Marathon” originated. The name comes from the legend of the Greek messenger, Pheidippides who ran 26.2 miles from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens to announce that the Greeks defeated the Persians.

A marathon might not seem the duty of a dapper man, however, he is athletic, and with the explosion of Tough Mudders, it is not a stretch to assume you can finish a marathon or even just a 5K. While the dapper man can (or might be able to) finish a marathon, entering the ING New York City Marathon is actually very difficult. Each November we’re inspired to get training and we want to be in next year’s marathon so here’s a few ways to get into the marathon that might actually work:

  • NYRR members that meet the 9+1 or 9+$1K program requirements for guaranteed entry eligibility for the 2014 marathon (The qualifying races must be completed by 2013)
  • Runners who meet NYRR time standards (Impossible for most pedstrians)
  • Win the lottery (Good luck)
  • Raise money (We’ve heard $10k will do the trick)

From the options above, our best bet is applying in the lottery and running in nine races and volunteering for one, but that option means 2014 will be a non-marathon year. Lastly, if you become a world-class runner, you’ll be competing for over $500,000!

Source: ING New York City Marathon