Quench Cocktail Spinner Review


Cocktails have existed for about a hundred years and the tools of choice have pretty much stayed the same, a cocktail shaker. We tend to gravitate towards the Cobbler Shaker for most cocktails as it’s the most efficient and easy to use shaker. The Cobbler is made of three pieces, and it is tapered towards the top with a built-in strainer and cap. There’s been other cocktail shakers throughout the years, and the latest is the Quench Cocktail Spinner. Quench Products are also makers of the bar10der which is a multi-use bar tool. The idea behind the Spinner is to spin rather than stir/shake the cocktail creating a consistently mixed cocktail each time.

The Spinner design is similar to a Cobbler Shaker. This is made entirely of plastic, and this isn’t a feature to overlook. Most shakers are made of metal and the material the cocktail is served in can impact the flavor. Does a bottled beer taste the same as one in a can? You be the judge. This Spinner comes in two pieces, the body and the spinner. The body is see-thru and the top has three holes to pour the drink out. It’s important to note a spin can cause some of the liquid to shoot out of these holes. With shaking there’s varying degrees of force from the hard shake to the typical shake, but the Spinner’s spins vary in amount of spins, not force. The spinner piece attaches to the top of the body. It does not snap in, but fits quite snug and is easy to remove. The shovel-like piece that actually mixes the drink is an inch from the bottom of the body. There is a lock mode for when you’re serving a drink which is a done by pushing down and turning to the left. Lastly, washing the Spinner can be a pain as the top of the body is rigid, but there’s only two pieces to wash (Rather than three with the Cobbler Shaker) and it is BPA-free which is a plus.

We put the Spinner to the test and tried three different cocktails that required stirring, shaking and muddling techniques, the Caipirinha (Muddling), Moscow Mule (Stirring) and Between the Sheets (Shaking). Then we compared the drink that was spun to the traditional method.


THE MUDDLE – We made a Caipirinha which includes limes, sugar and Cachaca. This Brazilian drink is one of our favorite summertime cocktails that has a refreshing citrus sweetness. Muddling turned out to be fairly easy as the Spinner is not much taller than most shakers. We made a Caipirinha in the Spinner and one in a shaker. The main difference was the liquid consistency, the shaker tended to be a bit more muddied than the spun drink. The taste was the same with the shaker drink being slightly colder and less acidic.


Caipirinha made in a shaker

Caipirinha made in the Spinner

THE STIR – The Moscow Mule has been our favorite cocktail this year. It’s easy to make and tastes great. The Mule is made with vodka, lime juice and ginger beer. The Mule is a bit less work in the Spinner as we just have to push down to stir rather than stir the cocktail by hand. We didn’t need many spins, so this drink was easier with the Spinner. In this case, the Spinner beat out the spoon. Taste wise there was no difference.


THE SHAKE – We knew the shaker had a handicap with this cocktail, Between the Sheets. This cocktail is made with Courvoisier, Grand Marnier, Meyers Platinum and lemon juice. This cocktail calls for a hard shake that will thoroughly chill the cocktail and the Cobbler Shaker as usual came through. The Spinner however was not far behind and proved to have a similar taste output. The main difference with this cocktail was the frothy head and light airiness that was visible in the shaker cocktail.



The Quench Cocktail Spinner excels in ease of use and you can make a ton of delicious cocktails with this. The Spinner is best for those beginner cocktail enthusiasts. A metal shaker can produce a cocktail with different liquid consistencies which is important for those rich, airy drinks than need a bit of froth and head. As a Julibox fan the Cobbler Shaker is best suited for us as texture is nearly as important as flavor, however the Spinner would save time when making multiple drinks. If you’re looking to start making cocktails, the Spinner is perfect. If you’re an aspiring mixologist don’t buck the age old formula and get a metal shaker.

Price: $24.99
Source: Quench Cocktail Spinner