H&M Knit Hat


Fall was a relatively warm season, and somehow the switch was turned on for winter and a sprinkle of snow littered the east coast this past week. Winter hat or beanies are a tough item for any man to buy. Does it fit your head and is it casual or dressy? A good winter hat is like finding a coat, impossible. However, once we find it, we’ll continue to use it for years on end. The H&M knit hat has an interesting and different look. This design reminds us of a cross between a beanie and a turtleneck. We prefer a hat that is loose and gives, but is tight enough to handle a bit of wind and keep our head warm. At ten bucks, this hat is a deal, and if it doesn’t work out, throw it in the pile of failed winter hats and keep searching.

Price: $9.95
Source: H&M

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