ASPECD Apparel

Kickstarter is a hot bed of exciting companies. We have featured watch companies and tech companies with truly unique ideas and there’s another project we’re excited about, ASPECD Apparel. Dress shirts that fit perfectly are tough to find. We’re either stuck with a standard sized shirts that occasionally fits or a large bill for custom bespoke shirts. ASPECD brings street styled designs with an emphasis on the fit. Many brands either focus on the style or the best fit, and luckily ASPECD has tackled both. We know that standard sizes may not fit everyone and ASPECD has “in-between” sizes similar to shoes. If your body shape doesn’t fit within their nine sizes, send it back and they will alter it for free. They will do absolutely everything to ensure the fit and your shirt holds up for a lifetime. Our Brooks Brother shirts have torn and we’ve sent them back for a new shirt, ASPECD will do the same thing.


If we gain a few pounds or change in sizing, they’ll happily adjust your shirt or credit you to buy clothing that fits best. We’re getting Trunk Club attention with each piece we buy. As of today, they have reached their goal and we’re expecting them to exceed 200%, therefore your only issue is which shirt you want. The Premium Chambray and Italian shirts are standouts, but if they’re a bit too edgy, go with the oxford model.

Source: ASPECD