Xeriscope by Watchismo

Watch projects are huge on Kickstarter with many projects becoming wildly successful. The Xeriscope by the guys that brought you Watchismo is the next succesful project. This project has raised ten times their goal. We’re huge fans of Kickstarter and appreciate this watch, but will pass on it.


We love: Innovation and skeleton design. We get a up close look at the mechanics of this watch. Different hands for everything, even the power reserve. Each watch has a very limited run.


We (Do not) love: We can’t really tell the time. Many of the best and most popular watches tell time in such a simplistic way they make you look at your watch before you check your phone. The Rolex GMT was the watch app before the iPhone came out. Chinese skeleton movement and nothing against the Chinese, but their wristwatch making history is not as rich as the Swiss.

Overall: This watch is limited, innovative and will be a conversation piece. At $399, you’re getting an experimental timepiece that no one will have.

Price: $399
Source: Kickstarter