Silo Mesh Card


Unlike ladies, guys prefer to travel light — really light. Whether it’s streamlining all of the clutter in our wallets with a useful money clip or combining all of our credit, debit and rewards cards into one card, we’re all about reducing the amount of stuff we need to carry in our pockets.

The Silo Mesh Card is a scratch-resistant black titanium multi-tool card wallet. You can attach your credit cards and cash using the silicone rubber band, bust open a bottle of beer with the built-in bottle opener and prop up your iPhone 4/4s (without a case) or iPhone 5/5c/5s on tabletop. The titanium also promises to block your credit card data from RFID theft. Each Silo Mesh card is good to hold eight cards and eight bills.

While you can stuff this little guy in your wallet, we’re not sure why you ever would, since it basically is a minimalist wallet. Right now, the Silo is still seeking funding on Kickstarter (it’s already blown past its $20,000 AUD goal) with about 14 days to go. The Mesh Cards will be delivered in April 2014, and all of the early bird specials at $39 AUD are already gone. However, you can still try to nab the $59 AUD model, which comes with a few extras. Retail Mesh Cards are expected to cost $89.

Price: $59 AUD (~$53)
Source: Silo