LG 105UB9 105-inch Curved UHD TV


LG’s curved OLED TV was an impressive milestone in television design. But the 55-inch size with high definition (1080p) resolution and rather expensive price left something to be desired amongst premium buyers. The company’s next TV leap hopes to fix those annoyances. The LG 105UB9 is a 105-inch curved Ultra High Definition TV with a 21:9 aspect ratio and 5,120×2160 resolution. In other words: it’s absolutely massive.

Speaking as someone who has seen curved TVs several times this year, I can tell you that curved TVs are stunning in every form. The curve is a gentle one, but it enhances the viewing experience so to produce an IMAX-like immersion effect. The new LG105U9 should provide that extra “oomph” that the smaller 55-inch curved OLED TV lacked.

LG’s curvy new beast will debut at International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next month. And no, the pretty model in red isn’t included in whatever crazy price this TV is expected to cost.

Price: TBA
Source: LG




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