Donn Mason Undergarments


Undergarments might not matter as much to the fellas because they’re worn on the inside, but rest assured, they matter — to your partner. We’re sure a pair of Hanes or Joe Boxers will do, but it doesn’t hurt to class it up a little. Details. Details. Details. In business since 2003, Donn Mason’s undergarments fall right in line with today’s hipstery obsession with the 1900s. The company sells knit and woven boxers made from the “finest modal/cotton/spandex blend” and “vintage inspired fabrics and patterns” (gingham, “fine china” and “potpourii” (above) prints, to name a few interesting ones) designed for maximum comfort to ensure that you will look good, and thus, feel good.

Donn Mason’s commitment to quality says it all:

“We treat underwear like it’s the most important part of a wardrobe. After all it’s the first thing you put on in morning, the garment closest to your body throughout the day and last thing your companion sees before you get into bed.”

In true industrial fashion, all basic knit underwears arrive in a box. But not just any old regular gift box: a box that resembles an old vintage book.


There’s no better time to buy a pair, either. Use the promo code “mason2014” and get 40 percent off your order total. (Disclaimer: We aren’t affiliated with Donn Mason in any capacity and we don’t earn any commission from this. It’s simply a good deal we’d like to pass along)

Price: $30+
Source: Donn Mason