Tudor Heritage Black Bay Watch


When we think of a cheaper and less expensive alternative to an iconic timepiece like Rolex, we’re imagining a Toyota rather than Lexus, Air Max minus the air bubbles, pleather over genuine leather, but Tudor watches have been attracting Rolex lovers left and right.

Tudor was created in 1946 as the little brother to the popular and more expensive Rolex watches. They are equipped with a similar oyster case, but not the in-house calibers and currently run on ETA movements. Originally Tudor watches were not a huge hit as most consumers opted for the sport models. Not until the past year has Tudor made a comeback in the US by creating an attractive retro line and distributing in select retailers in the US. Previously you had to go overseas to purchase a Tudor.

The Heritage Black Bay has an incredibly similar look as the popular Rolex Submariner. The watch took home the “Revival Prize” at the 2013 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve and features a domed crystal, “chocolate” dial with pink gold snowflake hands and is water-resistant up to 200 meters (Think serious sport watch).


It’s important to note, this design has been ripped off many times and while it is constructed by one of the best watch companies ever, it is overpriced due to the common ETA movement. Tudor watches offer a solid value, but are overpriced for those looking for something a bit more unique like Nomos, however they are literally a small step below Rolex. Regardless, Tudor watches are favorites among nearly all true watch enthusiast.

Price: $3,100
Source: Tudor Watch

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