Frequent Flyer: Toiletries


Packing toiletries is a tough task as the liquid limitations have changed within the past few years. No longer can you throw your current shampoo or face lotions in your luggage as they exceed the size limit.

If you’re making your way to a hotel, a suitable option is to go with the hotel toiletries and if you ask the front desk, you can get anything (Toothbrushes to razors). When we want to use our current toiletries, we have used Muji travel containers as they are easy to fill and dispense. Muji travel containers run under $2 and come in various sizes. A recent revelation is the GoToob by humangear which are similar to Muji containers, but they have a suction cup to attach to a wall or mirror. A suction cup on a travel size lotion container might not seem essential, but during our travels it is nice to put your lotion on the wall rather than sticking it on the ground. Also, if you’re trying to minimize travel gear we suggest using an all-around body soap rather than a soap and shampoo.

Price: $8.49
Source: humangear