SMaSH Pale Ale


We are always looking to test our homebrew system because if your system is minimizing variables then your beer is only bound by your imagination. The best way to test your system is to brew a SMaSH Pale Ale. This pale ale is incredible easy, full of great flavors and complex. Also this recipe tests your mash tun, boiling times and fermenting temperatures. What is a “SMaSH Pale Ale,” you ask? It’s a recipe that includes one type of malt and hops. This recipe includes four ingredients: malt, hops, water and yeast. If God had a recipe, we imagine he’d go with something simple and straight-forward like this.


Just like any batch of brew, start with your grain bill and luckily, it’s 2-row and then your hops, cascade hops, and then we prefer Wyeast 1056 – American Ale yeast and the most important ingredient, tap water. If your water has too much chlorine, pour a few gallons and let it sit overnight to lose the smell. Once your recipe is set, begin brewing! This recipe will yield a 5-6% ABV beer that reminds you of a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

The MOST important part is understanding if you’re getting the right OG and FG (Based on your efficiency), and if your fermenting temperatures are just right. If your mash tun is not producing enough sugars your beer may lack body, if you boiling temperature is too low or high, flavors will change and lastly if your fermenting temperature is too high you’ll notice solvent and sweet/apple flavors in the finished product.

Brew beer, drink beer and enjoy! This handy test will help you to identify flavor profiles of each ingredient.