21st Amendment Sneak Attack Review


We’ve had our share of saisons, from homebrewing accidents to foreign imports and 21st Amendment’s Sneak Attack is the best (So far). 21st Amendment Brewery produces the best artwork of any canned beers out there, their marketing, branding and artists are doing laps around everyone. Each beer has a story to tell and I’d snatch up their artwork to hang on our walls in heartbeat (If it was available). The Sneak Attack is not like most saisons that carry a highly acidic sweet flavor, but has a wheaty and malty taste (Belgian tripel like) likely from the cardamom. The cardamom wasn’t added in the boil, but dry hopped and in terms of flavor, this beer is 1/3 of the bitterness of an IPA. If IPAs aren’t your thing, this saison might hit the spot.

  • Appearance – Pale mellow golden haze with light head, and after pouring the head lightens up, but is still present
  • Aroma – Citrus, wheat (grainy), with a bit more sour lemon than orange aroma and also light herbal/spicy
  • Taste – Wheat in body, but citrus in flavor with grainy mouthfeel and light body
  • Overall – 9/10 This saison is light, citrusy, smooth and delicious and has a Belgian flavor. This is our favorite saison so far.

Source: 21st Amendment Brewery