Style 101: Watch Game


We’ve been tempted and have fallen victim of exciting and interesting watches that are hot, but go out of business in a few years. Watches are meant to be milestones in your life, not another pair of shoes for your outfit. They’re also expensive.


Everyone has a different financial status in life, so there doesn’t need to be a price threshold for a “quality” watch. If watches aren’t you thing, your watch might run under $500. Remember to buy what you want and don’t settle for anything less. If you like a particular Seiko, then go for it (They make their own movements which are fantastic). Here’s a few helpful tips on buying that all important investment caliber watch:

  1. Do a simple search on the street, internet, in magazines to find the watch you want
  2. Forget price (For a split second) because you won’t fully be happy with a watch that perfectly meets your budget
  3. Ignore watch bands as they are replaceable
  4. Focus on what’s inside the dial, in-house calibers are great and ideal
  5. Find the watch you like, do research and see if it sticks for a bit of time (More than a day)
  6. Start saving
  7. Ignore budget friendly or outfit friendly watches as they are great for a few uses a year
  8. Buy your watch and wear it all day, everyday

Watches above all deserve to be let loose, they’re the golden retrievers of fashion. While some might argue that you need a watch for each and every occasion, you need a watch that suits you that you’ll use.



Source: Nomos, Tag Heuer, Kickstarter