White Pike Whiskey by Finger Lakes Distilling


In the world of whiskey, moonshine is the younger brother to the popular bourbon (Scotch is still king), and distillers are starting to make exciting and inventive moonshines. Moonshine is the old/new kid on the block and is an unaged white/clear whiskey made primarily of corn and sometimes called, “White dog”. Buffalo Trace, Kings County and Finger Lakes Distilling are making moonshine and they’re affordable and easy to drink. These young whiskeys tend to be a bit more harsh in general when compared to bourbon, but they offer different flavor profiles that bourbon can’t get since bourbon is barrel-aged.


At Finger Lakes Distilling we’ve tried the Glen Thunder moonshine which has a mellow sweet taste and is great for mixing. The White Pike whiskey is a moonshine that is eye-opening with complex flavors and it is very affordable. White Pike is made of locally grown corn, and spelt and malted wheat. This is actually aged for a total of 18 minutes and is 80 proof. When we tested the aroma we are getting a huge burst of vanilla and cream with the scent of a cornfield in the background. The taste of this is smooth and almost milky with a subtle sweetness and vanilla flavor. Although this is in the whiskey family, this spirit has characteristics of vodka. This whiskey typically goes for $31 (750ml) which is a steal and is best served on the rocks with a lemon twist or just a splash of water.

Price: $31
Source: Finger Lakes Distilling