Logitech – UE Mobile Boombox Wireless Speaker – $49.99


The Logitech UE Mobile Boombox is one our favorite compact, powerful Bluetooth speakers and now it is on sale at Best Buy for $49.99 (40% off the original price of $79.99). This speaker isn’t much bigger than your device and weights 6 pounds. This speaker is affordable and has a healthy amount of features: compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices, built-in microphone (For those speakerphone calls you like to make), line input, rechargeable battery and multiperson access. This model is a step up from the great Mini Boombox from Logitech last year. The sound is clear and crisp, but lacks enough bass. Sonos speakers are in a very different class and price, but this Logitech speaker is great if you’re looking for something inexpensive with a quality sound.

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(Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement and Dapper Guide is not affiliated with Best Buy in any capacity. We simply believe this is a great deal that’s worth sharing.)