Eastwood Slider Belts


Eating and exercise both contribute to your waistline changing over time. Most belts are designed with holes for easy adjusting, but the holes themselves can get worn out, day-in and day-out. After a while, that fine belt made from Italian leather is no longer so immaculate anymore. Classic guys might like the weathered look, but other’s might not. Eastwood Slider Belts are a new breed of belts sans holes designed to give you the perfect fit no matter how many inches you pour on or lose.

Eastwood Belts says its Slider Belts use a patent-pending “slide-lock system” buckle design that lets you lock the belt at any point on the strap for a custom fit. Compared to loophole belts that have 6-12 adjustments options, Slider Belts can provide 15-30 adjustment options. The Slider Belts are available in five styles: Timberline, Sandstone, Serenity, Maplewood and Midnight Black.


To learn more about Eastwood Slider Belts, you can check them out on their funded Kickstarter

Price: $49
Source: Eastwood Belts