Wine Glasses


Wine is the nectar of the gods and as much as we adore beer, love liquor, our allegiance is to wine. Whether we drink good wine or bad wine, there’s a story and lineage for each elixir and to truly appreciate wine requires a good glass. Wine must taste good, but it equally must smell good. McDonalds has long understood that a way to your stomach is through your nose (The manufacture aromas for their products).

We regrettably have only started to dabble in the correct glasses for the right wine, but on the lowest level of drinking wine, if you use a plastic cup you lose the aroma, while a wine glass contains those initial sensory details needed to enjoy wine. Wine Folly has done a great job detailing the perfect glass for each style of wine and if this is nothing new for you, congrats, otherwise, get ANY wine glass (Over red plastic cups) and start enjoying wine. It is essential our glass has a healthy bowl (Top part of a wine glass) to carry and deliver the aroma and flavors appropriately in an upwards funnel like nature.

Source: Wine Folly

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